Dimensions of solid glulam Cross-sections

WF: W. u. J. Derix GmbH & Co.

Glulam members can be manufactured with considerable dimensions:

Member depths up to 200 cm and widths up to 22 cm can be easily produced in a single step by all glulam manufacturers. (Some manufacturers can even produce up to 300 cm depths and 26 cm widths.) Larger dimensions are possible. However, the amount of work increases significantly because the cross-section must then be produced in multiple steps.

Normally members with a ratio of 1 / 10 (width / height) are used. Up to this limit, the equations given in DIN 1052-1 apply.

Composite cross-sections made of glulam

WF: Schaffitzel Holzindustrie GmbH & Co.

By gluing together multiple glulam cross-sections or even gluing glulam to timber materials to form a composite member significantly larger widths and depths as well as special cross-sections such as T -girders or hollow members in many different shapes can also be produced.