General Information

WF. Hüttemann Holz

Glulam with standardized cross-section is glulam of strength class BS 11, having standard-surface-quality that is kept in stock in a limited number of cross-sectional sizes. This homogeneous glulam is not cambered, has a lamella thickness of 42 mm and is made of spruce lamellas.

Deviating designs, such as inhomogeneous cross-sectional structures, other wood species, as well as members with varying cross-sections or plane or spatial curvature/cambering are designated as glulam produced for a specific building-project (see the section of this name).

Glulam with standardized cross-section is preferred for load-bearing members subject to high loads or members that will remain visible. The most frequent areas of application are roof structures, series of joists and supports in residential and commercial construction as well as series of purlins and bay rails in hall construction.

With respect to the cubic meter volume, glulam-members with standardized cross-section are less expensive and generally have shorter delivery times.