Glulam is typically made of spruce wood. Fir, pine, larch and Douglas fir are also used, but more rarely. Other coniferous woods are permitted according to DIN 1052:2008, Annex H.2(3), or DIN V 20000-3 but are not used in general.

Longer delivery times should generally be expected for wood-species other than spruce. Other wood-species should therefore be inquired about and ordered in good time.

Permissible Species

More rarely

If wood-species not listed in DIN 1052:2008, Annex H.2(3), are to be used for load-bearing members, this is possible with an national technical approval (so called "Allgemeine Bauaufsichtliche Zulassung").

Not all wood-species listed in the table can be strength-graded at presence by machinery. For glulam of a wood-specie other than spruce which has a strength class of BS 16 or BS 18, the manufacturer should be questioned as soon as possible.

Descriptions of different wood-species can be found in the brochure Informationsdienst Holz "Einheimische Nutzhölzer" (Information service Wood "Native wood species") or in the collection of individual sheets "Einheimische Nutzhölzer" ("Native lumber"). Both can be ordered at www.infoholz.de.