WF: W. u. J. Derix GmbH & Co.Glulam members can be manufactured with considerable dimensions. Member depths up to 200 cm and cross-sectional widths up to 22 cm can easily be produced in a single step by all glulam manufacturers. (Some manufacturers can even produce up to 300 cm depths and 26 cm widths in a single step.) Larger dimensions are possible. However, the amount of work increases significantly because the cross-section must then be produced in multiple steps.

Normally members with a ratio of 1 / 10 (width / height) are used. Up to this limit, the equations given in DIN 1052 apply.

Ulrich Zeh GmbH & Co. KG Member lengths up to 65 m can also be manufactured, depending on the manu-facturer. If greater lengths are required or for curved members that cannot be transported in a single piece due to their rate of rise, individual segments are joined together via mechanical or even glued connections if necessary. Glued connections show better performance but are more difficult to manufacture. On the one hand, a defined climate must be ensured in the area of on-site bonding from the application of the adhesive until hardening of the joint. On the other hand, it is often difficult to apply the required jointing pressure to the typically very large members
to be connected.