Technical regulations

Glued laminated timber made of beech and hybrid beams made of beech/spruce
Strength grading of wood - Part 1: Coniferous sawn timbe
Strength grading of wood - Part 5: Sawn hard wood

Design of timber structures - General rules and rules for building.

DIN EN 1995-1-1 Eurocode 5: Design of timber structures - Part 1-1: General-

Commonrules and rules for buildings.


DIN En 1995-1-1 National Annex to DIN EN 1995-1-1

Finger jointed structural timber - Performance requirements and minimum production requirements
Glued laminated timber - Delamination test of glue lines

Cross-sections of laminations and beam lay-up

Cross-sectional dimensions for beech-laminations shall not exceed b x h= 150 x 30 mm, and for spruce laminations shall not exceed b x h = 150 x 42 mm.
The height of a glued laminated timber member made of beech shall not exceed 600 mm, and the height of a glued laminated timber beechwood hybrid beam shall not exceed 900 mm. The permissible width is 150 mm for each case.
The cross-sectional beam lay-up may be homogenous (characterised by the abbreviation h behind the strength class) or combined (characterised by the abbreviation c behind the strength class). In the case of a combined cross-sectional lay-up, the outermost laminations having the lamination strength class shall comprise at least 1/6 of the beam height H on each side, and at least two laminations.
The requirements on the strength of the laminations and the finger joints, depending on the cross-sectional lay-up, shall be taken from technical approval Z-9.1-679.